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Easton skate Are you looking for a COOL web page? Then look no further! The Furnace is RED HOT!

The Furnace is all about hockey , football, pro wrestling, classic muscle cars, and much more. Please visit often, or I'll kick your ass!

Welcome to the Furnace

Thanks for visiting. Currently I am working on "fine tuning" each page and then I'll start building a multimedia page. I have a ton of videos so if your intersested, send me some mail.

This web page was created on October 6th, 1998. The purpose of this site is to express my personal opinions on stuff I like and dislike. If this conflicts with you in any way, BITE ME!

The Player of the month award goes to:
#88 Eric Lindros
Eric has many nicknames such as "Eric the great" and "the next great one" among others. Although his team is struggling right now, he is expected to lead his team to another Stanley Cup. To see more on Eric Lindros click HERE. #88 Eric Lindros

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