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[Player Of The Month]

UPDATE! This page has been updated March 22th!

This page was created Sunday October 25th, 1998.

This page has been updated March 22nd, 1999. Thank you for your patience. There are three pics pages available full of pics for your viewing pleasure. Does that make you horny? Yeah baby! By the way, do me a favor and Sign My Guestbook

The Following NHL players were all once members of my local WHL team, The Tri-City Americans
Name 1998-1999 NHL Team
Stu Barnes Buffalo Sabres
Jason Bowen Edmonton Oilers
Olaf Kolzig Washington Capitals
Daymond Lankow Philadelphia Flyers
Bill Lindsay Florida Panthers
Jason Marshall Mighty Ducks
Sheldon Souray New Jersey Devils
Jaroslav Svejkovsky Washington Capitals
Vladimir Vujtek Tampa Bay Lightning
Scott Gomez New Jersey Devils

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