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I haven't taken much time to "fine tune" this page. Until recently I haven't seen any games that interested me enough to write about.

Today's different...

One of the best games of NFL history was on today. What game is it you say? Why none other than the 49ers and the Packers. It was truely awesome!

I've always liked the niners' (mainly because I was born in California). and I don't pay much attention to thier regular season. When it's playoff time, though, I'm always rooting for them. Today they played the Packers in one of the most exciting games of all time.

The lead changed throughout the entire game, right up till the last play of the game. With only seconds left on the clock and down by three points, Steve Young whistled a sweet pass to J.J. Stokes for the game winner. Truely awesome.

The only flaw in this game was Jerry Rice's performance. He only had one reception for six yeards. That play, by the way, was given to him. What ever happened to the Jerry I know; the man with the golden hands. He needs to figure it out quick. If he doesn't, he could get traded and ruin his all-star status. Just before his knees hit the ground, Jerry lost the ball. Unfortunately for the Pack, the ref blew his whistle before the play stopped. Can anyone say "Blind Ref."

1-17-99, 7:00am W.T.

The playoffs continue today with both the AFC and NFC games today.

In the AFC we've got the defending super bowl champs the Denver Broncos go up against Bill Parcels and his Jets. Most people, including me, pick Denver to win today. Let's face it, they dominate the Jets in every team aspect (with the exception of a weak secondary. I'm not a betting man, but if I where, my money would be on the Broncos.

The NFC game is going to be awesome. Both the Vikings and the Falcons have high powered defenses. I think the determining factor in this game will be the team with the better defense. That team, by the way, is Minnesota. Two words...John Randle. He's a bad mutha...SHUT YO MOUTH!

1-17-99, 3:35pm W.T.

The Falcons are the NFC champs! It's their first trip to the Super Bowl In the 33-year history of the franchise. 11:52 into overtime Atlanta kicker Morten Andersen kicked a 38-yard field goal to lift the Atlanta Falcons to a 30-27 upset.

The Denver Broncos are going to Super Bowl XXXIII. John Elway will be making a record of six starts in a Super Bowl.


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